Many of us may overlook our front gardens but they are important green spaces right on our doorsteps. Although not everyone has one when others make an effort with theirs everyone gains.

Just because they are private spaces their role should not be overlooked as they support people’s health, relaxation and exercise and, like parks and quality green spaces, they also help cool our streets, curb flood risk and pollution, and support a host of wildlife.

Christine Eborall is going to share with us the Front Garden Projects research into the increase of hard surfacing of front gardens and its effects on flood risks, temperature, pollution and wildlife. She will also talk us through some of the alternatives to paving over our front gardens whilst still parking on it, sharing some hints and tips from the Royal Horticultural Society.

This discussion is part of an ongoing series devoted to climate action. Ealing Council is committed to improving its environmental performance and to sharing our understanding of how our everyday life connects to climate change.

Information and registration available here:

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