Mayor of London – Green and Resilient Spaces Fund 2021

Applications are now open for expressions of interest to the Green and Resilient Spaces Fund.

The Mayor of London is looking to fund large-scale, innovative enhancements to green and blue spaces and the wider public realm that will strengthen climate resilience, increase biodiversity, improve accessibility, build green skills and help reduce health inequalities. A total of £4m is available with grants of between £250,000 and £750,000.

Applications are open until 5pm on Thursday 30 September.

Full details about the Fund and how to apply can be found in the Application and Funding Guidance document here.

The Green and Resilient Spaces Fund is open to public and civil society organisations. This includes:

  • local authorities
  • other relevant public bodies
  • housing associations
  • registered charities including Charitable Incorporated Organisations
  • formally constituted community groups
  • Social and not-for-profit businesses including Community Interest Companies and social enterprises
  • Community Benefit Societies
  • tenants and residents’ associations, or Tenant Management Organisations

Proposals are welcome from partnerships which build on the strengths of different organisations, including collaboration with private sector partners but a clear public or civil society sector lead organisation must be identified that is able to take overall responsibility for the delivery and management of the project.

Individuals cannot apply as a lead applicant. The lead organisation for the project must be legally constituted and able to enter into a contract.

The Green and Resilient Spaces Fund aims to create neighbourhoods with good access to high quality green spaces and a green and climate resilient public realm which supports the mental and physical health and wellbeing of local people. The Mayor for London is looking to support exemplar, large-scale projects which provide high quality green spaces close to where people live and work.  These should be planned as part of a network of green spaces and green routes to encourage walking and cycling and to connect wildlife habitats. Existing green spaces should be enhanced to ensure they are welcoming, climate resilient and meet the needs of local people. The wider public realm should be designed to enhance climate resilience including to reduce flood and heat risk and conserve public water supplies.

Projects will be prioritised that deliver outcomes in line with programme objectives including:

  • improved access to green space to support physical and mental health and reduce health inequalities, especially amongst Londoners currently lacking good access to open space 
  • increased resilience to the impacts of climate change, including through providing shade, reducing the risk of overheating, reducing surface water and fluvial flood risk and conserving water resources
  • improved air and water quality, and reduced exposure to air pollution
  • enhanced biodiversity and ecological resilience, creation of wildlife habitat and increased tree canopy cover
  • increased green skills, local community capacity and cohesion
  • enhanced connectivity between green spaces, and spaces which encourage walking and cycling.

More information can be found here.

Click here for more information the Mayor for London’s Grow Back Greener fund.

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