ActForEaling Launches!

We are delighted to announce that after many meetings, excel spreadsheets, and many more cups of tea, ActForEaling launches today! The aim of this community group, created by Ealing residents, is to boost local action to combat climate change and restore biodiversity with the support of the council. Ealing residents can look forward to a launch featuring a variety of events, resources and a photography competition that will help Ealing’s communities make a positive contribution to nature restoration and halting climate change. We hope all Ealing’s organisations and individuals can be part of the community’s evolution to a more sustainable borough.

In 2019, Ealing Council committed to being net carbon neutral by 2030 and in a recent report from BNP Paribas Real Estate, Ealing featured in the top ten most green boroughs to live and work in London.1 However, to achieve net zero in under a decade, it will take all of Ealing’s stakeholders collaborating to adopt climate solutions that range from embracing new technology to making the most of everyday items like food and clothes.

Ealing is an exciting space full of charities, schools, businesses, families, and organisations who love and care about their local and global environment. ActForEaling launched to nurture borough-wide connections and promote the amazing array of opportunities for Ealing residents to adopt environmentally positive action at home, in their workplace and in their neighbourhoods. As a central hub, ActForEaling has so far partnered with 15 local organisations and created a website packed with resources, ideas, events and volunteering opportunities to amplify everyone’s efforts in adapting Ealing into a community in which we can all thrive both now and in future generations. 

Trevor Sharman from ActForEaling said, “There has never been a better time to act to make a difference, because at last people are listening. Taking climate action locally makes a positive difference, connects you to your community and strengthens your influence with others. It also puts solar panels on schools, teaches beekeeping, food growing & repair skills, plants orchards and restores nature.

ActForEaling provides the links to the local community groups near you who are taking climate action and which can open the door to your involvement.”

ActForEaling successfully introduced “No Mow May”, a vital wildlife supporting activity of simply leaving the lawnmower in the shed for a month. By removing mowing from their May to-do list Ealing residents and park rangers allowed wildflowers to blossom around the borough much to the delight of both residents and local pollinators.  

With the UK hosting COP262 in November, which many consider the most important UN global climate summit of our time, Ealing residents can play their part in demonstrating the power of communities pulling together to tackle climate change. ActForEaling has launched a list of ten everyday steps to act for Ealing by living more sustainably. These are ideas designed for individuals and organisations to choose from and incorporate into everyday life.

“I run Ealing Repair Cafe and through ActForEaling have been put in touch with other like minded organisations. I am now working on projects with Northolt Upcycling sewing class and hope to set up more sessions around the borough teaching how to patch and darn their clothes.” said Mary Horesh from Ealing Repair Café

Mani Dhanda from ActForEaling partner, Southall Transition, explained: “Southall Transition has historically partnered with many organisations to help deliver projects of benefit to our communities. Having experienced the power of collaborative working and seen how it can be used to leverage results, we are confident that AfE will serve to facilitate this collaborative spirit, enabling us to collectively have a greater positive impact within the borough.”

To encourage Ealing residents to commit to their chosen step and in coordination with the UK’s Great Big Green Week3, ActForEaling’s partners have scheduled over 20 events during 18-26 September, allowing residents to try their hand at litter picks, upcycling workshops, and community gardening. The complete list of brilliant activities can be found here.

In addition to this full week of events and activities, ActForEaling is launching its first Climate Positive Photography Competition in collaboration with Northfields Camera Club. It is open to anyone with an eye for spotting how Ealing is evolving to be the Green Queen of the Suburbs! There are three categories celebrating positive climate features of Ealing: Green Shoots, Sustainable Generations, and Climate in the Community. Entries must be submitted by 24 October to be judged by an expert panel to include the brilliant comedian and presenter, Mel Giedroyc. 

“I am thrilled to find out about all the different ways local residents are responding to climate action in the borough.  I look forward to discovering all sorts of green gems I never knew existed in Ealing.” said Mel Giedroyc. To discover more details about entry and prizes please click here.



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