University of West London: Climate action – let’s get down to business!

Are you an SME based in West London and want to save the planet & reduce your business operational costs? Then you are invited to this in-person event to hear from a range of speakers to find out what support is available in your local area to make your business sustainable and take advantage of the associated benefits through reductions in carbon emissions and costs. Hosted by the Westmont Enterprise Hub at the University of West London, come along to get more information about climate change and how you can play your part to create a sustainable living environment (and save costs!).

Speakers at this event include:

  • Stephen Fry, Hub Executive Director at Westmont Enterprise Hub

As the Hub’s Executive Director, Stephen fosters its forward-thinking environment. He articulates the Hub’s vision as a centre for evolving entrepreneurship across the University and is responsible for embedding it within the fabric of UWL. Stephen is building a sustainable business model for the Hub, securing the external investment the Hub needs to flourish.

  • Angela Kanwar, Hub Development Manager at Westmont Enterprise Hub

As the Hub’s Development Manager, Angela plans and manages the Hub’s inspiring events programme of workshops, knowledge shares, networking events and short conferences. She also identifies, cultivates and brings in new partnerships with businesses, venture capitalists and others to facilitate the work of the Hub.

  • Trevor Sharman, Member of Steering Group at Ealing Transition Initiative

Ealing Transition has been active in the local community over the past 12 years, raising awareness and understanding of climate concerns through organising over 60 public meetings, talks, films and Open Space Community Planning events. Our view is that by taking action, where we are, within our local neighbourhood, we can empower ourselves and influence others around us to act and press for effective action against climate disruption. We have helped initiate and support a number of practical projects locally which are contributing to reducing climate disruption and restoring natural systems. Over the past 2 years we have drawn on community contributions at our events to articulate plans for local climate action. We have actively participated with the Council in developing local Climate Action and Biodiversity Restoration Plans and continue to press for their full implementation.

  • Jane Mossman, Project Manager at West London Business

Jane is in the Better Futures+ team at West London Business, delivering net zero support to London’s SMEs. She draws on nearly 2 decades experience in business support, circular economy advice, sustainable fashion, and global supply chain management.

  • Angela Warwick, Fresh Minds for Business Co-ordinator at University of West London

A unique consultancy service: Fresh Minds for Business is an Award-Winning Student-Led not-for-profit consultancy service that has been serving businesses and social enterprises in West London for over three years. Angela Warwick is the Client Experience Coordinator for Fresh Minds for Business at UWL, Claude Littner Business School. With 5 years industry experience in managing client relations, Angela provides operational and administrative support for projects while ensuring a positive client experience.

To find out more about this event, and to register for a ticket, click here.

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