Letting grow every Wednesday at North Acton Park

Join the W3 Garden green team! 

Every Wednesday at 3.30 pm in North Acton Playing Fields (W3 0JF) with Ross from #LettingGrow comes to Artification. Find out more ARTification growing group

Come along for Urban Oasis community planting, growing local, nurturing nature and local food with ARTification.

The ARTification Growing group are planting a variety of vegetables as well as a herb bed and range of flowers. Participants in the gardening club will be able to take home now only locally grown organic vegetables but also a bouquet – all for free!  

Anyone in Acton is welcome to join this intergenerational group and children are welcome (accompanied by an adult). There is guided sessions with professional gardeners as well as peer learning sessions and you don’t have to have ANY experience to take part.  

If you would like more information about the club please get in touch: info@artification.org.uk

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