Cheers to Ealing festivals reusable cup

Ealing Summer Festivals are back this summer and they brought back the planet friendly reusable cup to the festival bars.

You pay £1.50 with your first drink and then you get a fresh cup every time with your drink. The introduction has significantly reduced the waste produced by the festivals and also significantly reduces the litter left on site.

With a few more weeks left, pop along to enjoy more Comedy Festival and Jazz festival in Walpole Park, Ealing.


Lots of other local festivals have moved to reusable cups including the Ealing Beer Festival and Hanwell Hootie

Why use reusable?

Green goblet explains why reusable cups are great Reusable and 100% Recyclable

Grab your cup

It doesn’t have to just be at festivals. Grab your reusable cup for your coffee or tea when you go out and you are also helping to reduce waste.

Hubbub #grabyourcup

The UK gets through nearly 3 billion coffee cups every year – and most of these cups are landfilled or incinerated.

Unfortunately, the very thing that makes them waterproof and able to hold our hot drinks, stops them from being widely recycled. They have a thin layer of plastic that is difficult to separate, and so makes them able to hold our precious caffeine fix without dissolving like newspaper in the rain is what stops them from being widely recycled. Each cup is made from a sturdy combination of cardboard and plastic – and many recycling plants are unable to separate these materials.

That means if you put your coffee cup in a normal recycling bin, the likelihood is, it won’t get recycled.

Reuse Systems Unpacked

Hubbub spoke to organisations and polled people to find out the challenges and opportunities for reusable food and drink packaging systems in the UK. Find out more to discover Hubbub 10 recommendations to help reuse systems in this sector set up and scale.

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