Ealings first sustainable fashion show wants your outfits

Do you upcycle clothes and fabrics to create outfits or mend your own clothes?

We are looking for your upcycled and repaired clothes to feature in EalingSewnUp Sustainable fashion show & swap in October at Gunnersbury Museum.

ActforEaling has joined forces with local groups to encourage sustainable fashion in Ealing. All who live, work and learn in the Ealing Borough are invited to unleash their creativity and discover their sustainable style with EalingSewnUp. Let’s move away from fast fashion and move Ealing into the next trend of sustainable fashion.

EalingSewnUp has partnered with Gunnersbury Park Museum to run a Sustainable Fashion Show & Swap on the 8th October. We are looking for outfits and accessories covering:

  • Reuse: Preloved & Secondhand clothes
  • Repair: Clothes that have been mended with patches or darned creatively
  • Re-imagine: Repurposing clothes and fabric into new outfits and accessories

Ealing Repair cafe has been inspiring people around the Ealing with their drop in sessions and projects. Check out Ealing Repair Cafe website and their Guides and Tips for inspiration.

We are looking for creative clothing items that have been repaired, embellished, patched and/or adapted to inspire others to reimagine their wardrobes. These outfits will feature in our sustainable fashion show so please contact us so you can lend your items for the day. If clearly labelled and they will be returned to you after the Fashion Show.

If you don’t have an outfit to lend, but still interested in getting involved, there are many ways to help out and we are specifically looking for:

  • Models who represent the wonderful range of ages, shapes and colours in Ealing
  • Stylists keen to curate and celebrate sustainable style
  • Volunteers who can help sort clothing, help with set up and generally help make the magic happen
  • Donations of clean, no-longer-worn clothes that could transform an outfit for someone else (sign up to ActForEaling for donation point details)

Sign up to lend your outfit or find out more if you would like to get involved with Ealing Sewn Sustainable Fashion Show. Follow ActForEaling on Twitter or Facebook for updates on EalingSewnUp.

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