Bulb planting along Acton Lane (29-30 October)

Spring might feel a little far off as everyone prepares for Halloween and Bonfire Night but now is the time for planting bulbs to ensure an uplifting start to next Spring.

Thanks to the organisation skills of Abundance London and Jen Thorndycraft, along with the kind donation of funds from local residents, Peter and Kate Evans, thousands of bulbs including 4,500 mixed daffodils and narcissi, 500 snowdrops, 500 scilla and 500 crocuses are being planted in the neglected grassy area off Acton Lane (near South Parade).

So if you fancy a few hours outside and a bit of community spirit, join these Spring focused volunteers for a little gentle bending and stretching all in the pursuit of the community’s well-being. You would be most welcome this weekend, Saturday and/or Sunday, to help out between 11am and 2pm (please bring your own trowel/spade and gloves).

If you can’t make it this weekend, could you organise your own bulb planting session in an abandoned corner of your community or plant a few bulbs in your garden or window box?

There is nothing like the sight of an unfurling snowdrop or daffodil to raise the spirits of any Londoner after Winter. That joy must be even greater for our winged pollinator pals! Here’s to investing in the beauty and biodiversity of our borough!

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