How to be more sustainable this Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November, but don’t forget about the environment this Bonfire Night!

Research carried out by Leeds University found that annual Bonfire Night celebrations have a huge environmental impact, particularly in relation to air and noise pollution levels.

Whilst these figures can seem daunting, there are still plenty of ways you can be more mindful in how you celebrate the festivities, all whilst doing your part for the planet.

Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Build your bonfire with natural materials

Burning only dry, clean and natural materials can help reduce the levels of chemicals released by your bonfires and minimise pollution. Some examples of the materials you might want to use instead include:

  • Dry, untreated wood
  • Branches
  • Garden waste
  • Small amounts of cardboard and paper

Check out the Environment Agency’s advice on how to keep it clean and safe when setting up your own bonfire this year.

2. Watch out for hibernating hedgehogs

Small animals such as hedgehogs can typically be found in natural materials used for bonfires as they begin to hibernate in November, contributing to their already steady decline.

That’s why the British Hedgehog Preservation Society launched the #Rememberhedgehogs campaign, to encourage more people to keep hedgehogs safe.

Try building your bonfire during the day to reduce the chance of any pesky animals crawling underneath the materials, and don’t forget to check carefully for any sleeping hogs before lighting!

3. A waste-free party

Planning on having a bonfire night party this year? Consider how you can go waste-free. Switching to paper straws, using reusable cutlery and recycling your leftover bottles and cans are a good start.

4. Light up the night with these alternatives

Being eco-conscious doesn’t have to be boring, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in any of the fun this 5th of November. There’s plenty of flame-free ways that you can still celebrate the occasion, all within the comfort of your own home.

Glowsticks, confetti poppers and flashing LED light toys are great family-friendly alternatives. So use your imagination and see what creative ways you can come up with to light up the night. 

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