Think Global, Act Local: Reflections on COP27

COP27 is now over, but the fight against climate change continues!

Read some of our key takeaways from the latest UN climate conference, including top tips on how you can continue to make a positive difference locally.

Key Takeaways from COP27

  1. A new fund for ‘loss and damage’ – A historic loss and damage fund was agreed to support small islands and vulnerable nations on the frontlines of climate change.
  2. Global Methane Pledge – 150 nations have vowed to cut methane emissions 30% by 2030.
  3. Launch of the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership – A voluntary partnership of 26 countries committed to accelerating momentum to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030, was launched.
  4. Insufficient commitments on fossil fuels – A decision to phase down on all fossil fuels and scale up renewable energy sources failed to be reached.  
  5. 1.5°C target – Weak emissions targets mean that the goal to limit global heating by 1.5 degrees is ‘on life support’ according to Alok Sharma, COP26 president.

So, what happens now?

Whilst COP27 has now drawn to a close, there are plenty of ways that you can continue the conversation surrounding climate change, and taking action locally is a great start!

Here are some of our suggestions for ways that you can get involved to help Ealing reach net zero:

Make the pledge for a greener Ealing: Check out our 10 Step for a Greener Ealing to get inspiration on what actions you can commit to in order to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Join a local action group: From community garden workshops, litter picking groups and sustainable fashion clothes-swaps, there’s a range of exciting opportunities across the borough for you to get involved in. Find out more here.

Sign up to our mailing list: Receive regular roundups of all the latest stories and events happening right on your doorstep from our local partners.

Get involved in ActForEaling: There are lots of different ways to get involved with the ActForEaling network. Whether you are climate expert or just starting off, there is something for everyone.  Get in contact with us to find out more.

Keep learning about climate change: Explore our resources page to find more practical tips and advice on how you can #ActForEaling.

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