PedalMe around the borough

Sustainable cargo and passenger e-bike deliveries

With an ever-expanding fleet of e-cargo bikes, PedalMe can reach most places (currently covers Acton, part of Ealing and Perivale, see below) – cleanly, greenly and efficiently. No diesel emissions, no congestion charges, and no getting stuck in traffic.

PedalMe specialises in big loads. Their riders are not only helpful, but highly trained in carrying same day goods around Ealing and the Capital, safely and securely. They can offer the service within a 9-mile radius of central London, with a fleet of Urban Arrow e-cargo bikes.

Use code OB64 in the referral box for a 20% discount for the first week of bookings.

PedalMe Service

PedalMe covers in the borough Acton, parts of Ealing and Perivale and all of central London. The full map can be found here and contact them if you have a specific event you want covered.

Area in Ealing Borough covered

Load capacity is 150kg for a bike, or a whopping 300kg with a trailer. The carrying capability of a Pedalme rig makes them leaders in the cargo bike field.

Pedal Me is your eco-friendly same day delivery service, moving the city cleanly and efficiently.

Clients include coffee roasters, breweries, flower suppliers, film companies, local authorities, community kitchens, charities, restaurant chains and numerous food suppliers.

PedalMe Taxi Service

Travelling by Pedal Me is not only fun, but fast, not to mention better for the planet. By using them as your taxi, you beat the jams and put a smile on your face at the same time!

Riders can carry: 2 adults, 1 adult plus 2 children*, or 1 adult plus luggage.

Hours of Service

Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm
Saturday to Sunday 8am – 5pm

Find out more at PedalMe

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