Calling Ealing’s school governors: discover how to make environmental sustainability a whole-school activity

Is your school doing enough become sustainable? Do you feel your children are learning skills to help them secure the green jobs of the future? Can your school afford not to be reducing its energy bills? Is your school supporting local wildlife and tackling pollution?

ActForEaling has been supporting eco-staff in Ealing through a variety of projects and activities. This experience has clearly shown that making a school sustainable, requires more than a single inspiring staff member, it needs all aspects of school life working together to ensure small steps have a big impact. School governors can play an important role in leading this whole-school approach.

If you are a school governor or have a school governor in your life, please sign up to the Ealing CPD training course explaining how governors can ensure their schools are sustainable and on track with national and local government policies. This virtual training will take place at 6-7pm on Tuesday 21 March – an invaluable hour for any governing board keen to promote progressive and sustainable schooling.

More support from governors is needed

Through the Green School Network (a fantastic service from Ealing Council acting in partnership with ActForEaling) Ealing’s school eco-leads have learned about case studies where schools are tackling food waste, cutting energy bills, boosting plants and wildlife, reducing local pollution and minimising plastic.

At a recent Green School Network session, attendees detailed what support they are getting for eco-activity in their school – the results were fascinating! Pupils, teaching staff and site managers are leading the charge but key members of school staff are not getting involved….yet!

Next week’s governor training is a perfect first step to ensure governing boards are properly supporting their schools to create a more sustainable future for Ealing’s young people. With governing board support, schools can then motivate business managers, parents and catering managers to also get involved!

Who thinks this is important

In 2022, the Department for Education launched its climate policy stating: “The strategy’s vision is for the United Kingdom to be the world-leading education sector in sustainability and climate change by 2030”. The vital role of schools in achieving net zero is also highlighted in Ealing Council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy.

Next steps

Are you a governor? Learn how to make your school more sustainable by registering here:

Are you a school eco-lead? Discover what sustainability measures local schools are adopting by joining the termly Ealing Green School Network here:

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