24 January 2022 – Patching & Darning Repair Workshop with Ealing Repair Cafe

Come along to Ealing Repair Cafe and learn how to mend by patching or darning your favourite clothes. Ealing Repair Cafe teaches people to mend and repair clothes and textiles, to help create a circular economy for clothes, and to move away from fast disposable fashion.

We run monthly gatherings around Ealing and post suggestions and samples of repairs done by us and our regulars. Find out more and book here.

Open Ealing from 7.15 pm:

Monday, 24 January
Monday, 21 February

All events are dependent on Covid restrictions.

At sessions Ealing Repair Cafe provide a helpful guide on how to patch or darn. Also available to borrow or buy is sewing equipment, threads, fabric for patches. They offer advice on how to mend by sewing, embroidery, visible mending, patching, boro and sashiko stitching.

For more details and information about forthcoming events can be found on our Facebook page and our website here.

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