Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Creating a better future with your wardrobe

Did you know that everything you wear has an impact on our future on our planet? There is so much to learn about fashion, especially about how our choices can have a huge effect on the water, air, land, climate and human beings around the world.

Here’s a handy link to this brief introductory presentation that summarises the impact of fashion and the creative, new solutions that we now have to solve the challenges of modern fashion.

If you are a teacher wanting somewhere to start, or someone keen for more information on climate and fashion, we will be adding to this page to give you more knowledge to feel empowered about making fabulous fashion choices.

Presentation on Explaining How Fashion can help the climate

Here are some more links to learn more about the impact of fashion. (If sharing these links with young people, please review carefully to assess suitability for the age of your audience.)

Reports and news articles

Interesting books

Documentaries to watch

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