As Ealing’s eco-hub, ActForEaling collaborates with partners to launch community initiatives raising awareness of the climate and biodiversity crisis and achieving net zero in Ealing. Discover more about some of our projects.

Photograph Comptition. Photograph by Aravind Kumar

In partnership with Northfields Camera Club, our inaugural photography competition took place in September 2021 to mark the launch of ActForEaling, looking for photos of positive climate action and nature restoration in the borough. Read more here.

In November 2021, AfE collaborated with Ealing Broadway and Ealing Council to host a community painted eco-mural at Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. The mural was designed and hosted by the brilliant team at Paint Your Planet to raise awareness of the ActForEaling 10 steps for a greener Ealing to combat climate change and restore biodiversity in the borough. Read more here.

In November 2021, ActForEaling attended COP26 in Glasgow. It was a day of sharing ideas, inspiring others and being inspired. We even met a few local faces! Read more here.

In October 2022, ActForEaling hosted Ealing Sewn Up, a series of events highlighting sustainable fashion, involving workshops, activities, and educational events, and culminating in its very own fashion show and swap. Read more about Ealing Sewn Up here.

In July 2023, ActForEaling hosted the immersive film Red Rope, highlighting the need to protect our oceans from plastic pollution. The film charts a 40 minute journey though the ocean, focussing on a multitude of brightly coloured fish, octopus, dolphins and other sea creatures under threat from plastic bottles and other waste, and finally suggesting how we can work together to change. Read more about the event here.

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