ActForEaling Community Mural

In time for COP26 in November 2021, ActForEaling collaborated with Ealing Broadway and Ealing Council to create a community painted eco-mural that was designed and hosted by the brilliant team at Paint Your Planet. ActForEaling coordinated design ideas of the partners to enable Paint Your Planet to design the template for members of the community to paint on a previously blank wall in Ealing Broadway shopping centre. Ealing residents turned out in force to help create the mural that is raising awareness of the ActForEaling 10 steps for a greener Ealing to combat climate change and restore biodiversity in the borough. It as a fantastic day that really showed off the creative and positive spirit of Ealing!

A film of the painting of the mural was featured in the ActForEaling stand in the COP26 Green Zone to demonstrate to visitors just what a community can achieve when it comes together behind a shared goal. Hundreds of visitors from around the world were inspired by Ealing’s achievements, with many individuals inspired to replicate the ActForEaling model in their local community.

Check out the photos of the mural taking shape below where you can see children, parents, grandparents and even some of Ealing’s councillors helping the Paint Your Planet team create this inspiring eco-addition to Ealing. Click here to enjoy the COP26 community mural film and visit the mural at Ealing Broadway shopping centre, opposite Footlocker.

The finished result!

The mural can be be found on in Ealing Broadway Centre, in the corridor opposite Footlocker.

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