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ActForEaling was set up in the Summer of 2020 when a small group of Ealing’s community began meeting to discuss local climate action. As discussions progressed, the group realised just how dense the web of climate action was in Ealing, and how much potential there was to grow connection and involvement together. The council’s climate strategy of net zero by 2030 could only be realised with community support. It was agreed that Ealing could achieve positive progress with community engagement but could achieve positive transformation with community ownership.

Our key goals:

  • To support, mentor and inspire individuals and organisations to contribute to a climate positive future;
  • To promote engagement and activity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030 and restore nature in the borough;
  • To act as a central hub and resource for the people of Ealing to exchange ideas, experience and skills.

Our guiding principles:

  • To actively promote inclusion and diversity amongst our partners and contributors;
  • To remain free from political or sectarian affiliation;
  • To work together positively and constructively to maintain the goals of the organisation.

How we work (which will evolve and develop as we grow):

  • ActForEaling is coordinated by a Steering Group which meets monthly.
    • Meetings will be recorded and circulated to the Steering Group and partners on request.
  • Leadership is shared by everyone in the Steering Group. In representing ActForEaling, individuals agree to abide by and uphold all its principles and take responsibility for their own decisions, actions and results.
  • The Steering Group is formed organically out of concerned local citizens who are in broad agreement with the aims of ActForEaling.
  • ActForEaling acknowledges that human institutions are frail and easily fall prey to unnecessary bureaucracy and that rigid rules tend to divide people rather than bring them together.
  • This constitution recognises that the practice of talking things through until consensus is achieved has served us well. We will therefore resist the temptation to elaborate formal roles, voting rules etc.
  • We trust that those who step forward have good intentions and will make good decisions. We give autonomy and support to those who wish to be part of ActForEaling.
  • Individually and as a group we identify what needs to be done and partners volunteer for tasks when they have or want to develop specific skills.
  • We will be transparent in everything we do.
  • We support the UN Declaration of Human Rights (General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948). And will adhere to its principles in all we do.   

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