ActForEaling’s 10 Steps for a Greener Ealing

How to #Act For Ealing
Quick and easy steps to contribute to a greener Ealing

Choose a climate positive step to Act for Ealing and pledge your commitment by sticking one of our ActForEaling posters (click here) in your window to inspire your community to follow in your footsteps for a more sustainable Ealing.

  • ENERGY – home energy use is usually the biggest part of our carbon footprint, start here!
  1. Reduce energy use – save money and carbon by making your home more energy efficient
  2. Clean up with renewable power
    • Make a simple switch to a renewable energy supplier.
    • The Big London Energy Switch helps residents club together to get the best renewable energy deals. Registering your interest is simple and you don’t have to switch. The next auction is coming up on 12 October.
    • London Power customers get 100% renewable electricity and gas carbon offsets as standard and have an option to plant trees in London. Call: 0808 168 8145
    • Get your school solar powered with Ealing Transitions’ “Solar Schools” programme.
  • FOOD
  1. Tackle food waste
    • Try some of these taste-packed recipes using up leftover ingredients.
    • Sign up to Olio to make the most of food going spare.
    • Volunteer for organisations making sure good food gets eaten! Ealing based City Harvest and The Felix Project are a great place to start.
    • Teach kids to cook healthy food for themselves (and the family!) at this local Ealing cookery school.
    • Be inspired by Bubble & Squeak which was started by London pupils learning about food waste. Schools can set up their very own version to make sure surplus food finds a good home.
  2. Up your plant-power
  1. Support biodiversity and protect local wildlife
    • Volunteer to create a new nature reserve or count Ealing’s owls, two of the many activities run by Ealing Wildlife Group.
    • Green your patch, no matter how big or small! Check out these top tips for small spaces, created by one of Ealing’s own – National Park City Front Gardens. (Be inspired by a fellow Ealing resident who greened the front of her home.)
    • Try your hand at “plogging” and pick up litter along your regular running/ jogging route.
  2. Boost your gardening skills and mental health
  1. Get fit on two wheels whilst cutting carbon
  2. Cut your commute and WFH
    • For those who can, ask your employer to work from home for a few days a week, cutting commuter carbon and breathing life into community shops and cafés. Could your employer join the Good Business Charter? If they are based in Ealing, we would love to hear from them.
  1. Forget the bin – repair, upcycle or share
    • Save money and carbon by repairing or recycling your electrical equipment with the Restart project.
    • Learn new skills to fix or refresh old favourites. Wedding dresses, furniture, cooking oil and electronics, there are Ealing organisations to help. Explore the options at West London Waste.
  2. Dress for true success

If you still want to do more….lend your voice to call for bigger change….

● Support this environmental bill which is calling for stronger UK legislation protecting against Climate Change. Click this link:
● Make it easier for communities to generate their own renewable power. Click this link:
● Sign the petition calling for manufacturers to make electrical goods easier to repair to cut landfill waste. Click this link:
● Join Ealing Friends of the Earth to drive solution focused environmental campaigns to tackle the environmental problems facing us all. Click this link:

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