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#RunSome is a campaign from the Running Mayors network, a group of voluntary ambassadors who champion the role of running, aimed to encourage more people to incorporate running into their everyday journeys. In particular, they want us to run the everyday errands and commutes that people usually complete by car. They stress that your run does not need to be far or fast, but by doing it you’ll feel happier, healthier and do your bit for the environment.

If you’d like to find out more about the campaign, click here. To get in touch, you can email, or connect with them on Instagram.

Better Ealing Streets is a local campaign group that believes our streets and community spaces can be even more healthy, safe and enjoyable for all ages and abilities.

They have two main objectives:

  • Making our streets safer and easier to navigate by walking cycling or wheeling
  • Reducing our dependency on privately owned cars by making alternatives even more attractive and practical.

They want Ealing’s streets to be a safe a place to interact, enjoy and thrive, whether it’s pocket parks, more greenery, or community events.

You can find out more by visiting their website, here. Or connect with them on Twitter.

Ealing Cycling Campaign is the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. They run cycle rides and social events, hold maintenance classes and training sessions. and organise campaigns to make cycling more accessible and safer for all. You can find more information on Ealing Cycling Campaign’s website here.

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