School Sustainability Resources

“No one is too small to make a difference.”

– Greta Thunberg

Calling all Ealing schools to make a difference! As powerhouses of new ideas and skill development, Ealing’s schools can connect pupils, teachers and families to prepare for a greener future.. 

Who wants more climate learning in schools….

  • Pupils want to learn more about the environment.1
  • The majority of teachers agree climate change education should be compulsory in schools.2
  • Future employers are looking for employees with a green skillset.3
  • The Department of Education believes it is important for schools to prepare pupils for a more sustainable future.4

Check out the resources and activities below for incorporation into school life. There is something for everyone. ENJOY!

You can also register for the Ealing Green School Network to get “climate action plan” ready by learning about tips and resources that have worked for local schools! Register at for The Green School Network.

Carbon footprint and energy saving

  • Blue Peter Green Badge – join the thousands of young people who have already saved over 200,000 tonnes of carbon to earn their Green Badge
  • Cardiff Council Ten Day Turn Down – get inspired by Cardiff schools competing to save the most energy (intro & energy saving tips)
  • Giki – an award winning app that offers clear steps and ideas for individuals and groups/schools to cut carbon
  • Green Schools Project – sign up for this award winning programme that leads schools through climate education and net zero planning
  • Let’s Go Zero – join the hundreds of UK schools that are learning to cut carbon together

Plastic pollution

  • Everyday Plastics – a fun and interactive way to learn more about the plastic problem, reduce plastic waste and encourage us to take action
  • Kids Against Plastic – a site packed with inspiration and ideas from kids for kids
  • LAGER Can – get support for your school litterpick
  • Plastic Free Schools – qualify as an official “Plastic-free School” with the brilliant Surfers Against Sewage
  • Plastic Pioneers – tried and tested by thousands of pupils, the tips in this report give schoolwide ideas to cut plastic

Air pollution

  • Clean Air Day – resources and event ideas to promote cleaner air around your school – check out the pollution calculator to understand pollution levels in your area
  • Tackle idling – learn what Ealing Council has been doing to encourage drivers to save fuel and switch of their engines when not moving


  • Backyard Nature Guardians – make the most of these fun missions and resources to get your patch of nature on the UK map
  • Cultivate London – get support for your school’s green space
  • Nurture your local ecosystem – simple activity ideas to get children supporting their local ecosystems
  • UNEP Ecosystem Playbook – background reading for teachers and thought leaders written for the launch of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)
  • Wild Card – something for an English lesson or current affairs session, ask pupils to politely ask the Royal Family to rewild their land – as together the Royals are the UK’s biggest landowners. Imagine how much more wild space the UK could benefit from!
  • WWF – probably the most comprehensive range of resources for learning about supporting the world’s wildlife

Water saving

  • Tap Chat – a playful quiz and video to initiate discussions on saving water
  • Water Wise – all the stats and tips to conserving water in the UK


  • Community Calling – an interesting resource demonstrating the how sustainable habits can also tackle social inequality right here in the UK
  • (Re)Love Our Gadgets – a brilliant Eco Schools guide explaining the easy and vital steps for extending the life of electronic gadgets to benefit vulnerable members of the community (and cut e-waste)


  • MCS – a fantastic library of resources and activities for ocean preservation


  • Ealing Sewn Up – get involved in this fabulous local collaboration promoting a more sustainable style in Ealing
  • Guide to setting up a school uniform exchange – help your school community save money and the planet by making the most of old school uniform
  • Swop It Up – an inspiring teen organisation to motivate sustainable fashion habits in young people 

Sustainable eating

  • Felix Project – fabulous KS2 resources raising awareness of how and why to tackle food waste
  • Eat Like a Champ – a brilliant primary school resource to promote healthy and sustainable eating habits
  • Food Rangers – a complete pack of resources enabling primary schools to tackle food waste
  • Healthy recipes – a handy parent guide to healthy eating
  • School Food Matters – teaching children about sustainable healthy school food choices


  • Clover Hogan – learn more about eco-anxiety from this brilliant young climate activist and help pupils channel their concerns with Force of Nature 
  • Dirt is Good – a range of resources to help empower pupils to lead the change they want to see in the world
  • Thoughtbox – rummage through these eco-wellbeing resources created by educators for educators 

Active travel

  • School streets/Bike to school – Sustrans has you covered with lots of ideas to increase physical activity, reduce congestion and improve safety around the school
  • STARS – Join the other 1,500 London STARS accredited schools committing to more active, safe and sustainable travel

Healthy living

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – primary school children love this fun and friendly yoga
  • Global Dimension – a range of resources to help teachers bring compassion to the classroom when discussing global challenges and current news
  • Mindfulness – a series of mindfulness exercises for young people
  • Outdoor Classroom Day – get your pupils outside to join the millions of pupils who take part in this fantastic outdoor learning event

Inspiring eco-change

  • Eco Schools – qualify as an eco-school to join the largest educational programme on the planet 
  • Roots & Shoots – practical positive change for people, animals and the environment by providing teachers with free resources and activities
  • The Regenerators – whether at home or school, this BBC initiative inspires young people to live greener and act together
  • The Earthshot Prize – inspire pupils of all ages by discussing the most prestigious global environment prize in history, designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years
  • Outrage & Optimism – the ultimate environmental podcast hosted by the facilitators of the Paris Agreement, a must-listen for anyone curious about how the world’s leaders are mobilising on climate
  • WWF/TES Sustainable School Award – show the UK just how much your school has changed the planet for the better
  • Young Climate Warriors – brilliant weekly eco-education activities to support your school green team

Comprehensive eco-education resource banks

Teacher eco-training

Green skills

Sustainability through the year

Local engagement

  • ActForEaling Partners – check out our list of local partners to see what resources and activities are available locally. Any questions, please get in touch via:



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