Free “eco-club” for staff at Ealing schools

Last academic year AfE ran a brilliant eco-club for Ealing’s school staff members involved in promoting sustainability in their school. It was structured as a termly online catch-up where teachers, governors and TAs could meet, learn and share ideas about sustainability trends and activities for schools.

Everyone was welcome, we had TAs just beginning their journey, proactive governors and experienced senior teachers and they all represented a diverse range of knowledge and experience of putting sustainability into action. In the final summer meeting, participants were happily sharing ideas and inspiring each other on next steps.

Schools who joined the AfE pilot programme have already undertaken an amazing array of projects and activities, including:

  • Oaklands Primary has been analysing its energy use with its free energy monitor from Oak Garden
  • Mayfield Primary secured funding for a Ridan composter to turn the school’s food waste into compost
  • Berrymede shared their inspirational active-travel tips and activities to motivate more cycling, walking and scooting to school
  • Dairy Meadow pupils created a sensational film promoting tips for sustainable fashion
  • St Benedicts can now boast one of its pupils won the sustainable fashion mural competition

Thanks to the support from the Ealing Learning Partnership team, this pilot programme ran by ActForEaling has now been formalised into an annual programme run by Ealing Council. It aims to provide practical tips and support for schools to activate their journey towards creating their school “climate action plan” (a requirement for 2025 from the Department for Education).

So…the Green School Network has been born! It will build on the initial programme to include advice and support from relevant Ealing Council departments. This will give staff the chance to understand how the recycling system really works, who to speak to about arranging support or a litter pick and how to become an eco-school. (Anyone interested in becoming an eco-school should sign up quickly to potentially benefit from the special financial support being offered by the Ealing’s Health Improvement Team!)

Join us!

The first Zoom meeting is coming up at 3.45-4.45pm on Thursday 1 December, please join us to check out all there is on offer. The programme is completely free to Ealing’s schools. Simply register for the Green School Network via:


If you know anyone in an Ealing school, please share this post with them so every school community can learn how to create a more sustainable and biodiverse future for our children.

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