The Green School Network: Ealing schools taking action on climate change

The Green School Network is back for 2023!

Do you work at an Ealing school? Or know someone that does? Then join the next Green School Network training session on 8th March 2023 to help Ealing’s schools become greener and take action on climate change.

What is the Green School Network?

Building on Act For Ealing’s successful eco-club pilot programme which took place last summer, the Green School Network is run by Ealing Council and aims to help schools across Ealing meet the new requirements set out by the Department for Education – requiring schools to ‘get climate action ready’ and create an eco-strategy.

Through providing practical advice, ideas and a forum for knowledge-sharing, the network seeks to help schools work towards achieving an Eco award and become more sustainable.

What can I expect from the session?

  • Get inspiration from other schools with a school case study
  • Learn about new funding available to schools
  • Get an update on special ‘green’ events and weeks, and learn how to get involved
  • Opportunity to share ideas and problem solve together

Who should attend?

The network is aimed at anyone that works in an Ealing School and has responsibility for the school’s climate action plan/eco strategy. This includes:

  • Eco or sustainability leads
  • PSHE leads
  • Geography leads
  • Caretakers
  • Members of SLT
  • School governors

How can I sign up?

You can register for the next Green School Network session via Ealing CDP here.

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