Act For Ealing – Photography Competition Results

Act For Ealing’s photography competition received a fantastic selection of entries in all categories. The results will be announced shortly, but in the meantime, we have shared a number of the entries below. Information boards about the winning entries will be on display in Ealing’s local libraries, starting at Ealing’s Central Library on Saturday 27th November and moving to other locations around the borough. Watch out for them in a library near you!

The full listing of locations are:

  • Ealing Central: 27th November to 8th January
  • Acton Central: 8th January to 5th February
  • Northolt: 5th February to TBC
  • Southall: TBC
  • West Ealing Community Library: TBC

On top of this, on 22nd January 2022, we will be hosting an in-person celebration of the winners with our partners. The event will be hosted at OPEN Ealing’s gallery space in Ealing Broadway from 15:00-18:00. Refreshments will be provided and our steering group are looking forward to meeting the fantastic entrants that have made our photography competition such a success! Please note that all government Covid guidance will be followed. More details to come.

In the meantime, have a look at what the winners have won for their amazing efforts:

Pictures highlighting wildlife and pollinators

Captions include (from top left corner clockwise): “love your streets to love our insects”, “helping flowers pollinate”, “moorhen”, “insect life in perivale park”, “perivale meadow wetlands, a beautiful space and haven for wildlife”, “friends of perivale park”, and (in the bottom left corner) “Polish Club – helping the bees”.

Pictures highlighting local volunteers taking action

Captions include (from top left corner clockwise): “Upcycled Hanwell Hootie Entrance”, “Hanwell Hootie receives the lager can treatment”, “Canal clean up”, “Ealing Sharing Community”, “Volunteers in Action”, “Youth Action” and (in the bottom left corner) “Ealing Repair Cafe”.

Passing on skills to the next generation

Captions include: (bottom left corner) “Flowers for the Bees” – sneaky football reference there! – and (bottom right corner) “Letting trees breathe”.

Cycling, active travel and low traffic neighbourhoods

Despite not falling into any of the categories, some Ealing residents took the opportunity to protest against the removal of the low traffic neighbourhoods. We have included some of the more creative photos below, along with others showing residents enjoying opportunities to cycle in the borough.

Captions include (from top left corner clockwise) “Read the signs”, “Enterprising young lady”, “Cleaner Air in Ealing – No idling”, “What about the children?”, “Ealing’s Bonfire of Active Travel” and (bottom left corner) “Cycling ABC Checks”.

Our Photography competion will be back next year!

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