ActForEaling’s 10 Steps for a Greener Ealing – Step 9

How to #Act For Ealing

Quick and easy steps to contribute to a greener Ealing

  • Forget the bin – repair, upcycle or share
    • Save money and carbon by repairing or recycling your electrical equipment with the Restart project.
    • Learn new skills to fix or refresh old favourites. Wedding dresses, furniture, cooking oil and electronics, there are Ealing organisations to help. Explore the options at West London Waste.

Choose a climate positive step to Act for Ealing and pledge your commitment by sticking one of our ActForEaling posters (click here) in your window to inspire your community to follow in your footsteps for a more sustainable Ealing.

Click here to check out our other steps that you can adopt to live a more sustainable life.

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