Act For Ealing – Governance Meeting


  • Our aims for the future
  • Our structure and how we can move forward
  • Our current partnership guidelines
  • Our activities for the future

Let us know if you’d like more detail of what we discussed! Below are some quotes from the team to say what they have enjoyed about the day!

 “I enjoyed meeting everyone for the first and looking forward to seeing what we are going to achieve”


“It is interesting to see how Act For Ealing has developed and is developing. Beforehand there were lots of aims and now I can see how those are acted upon”


Good to meet Kai and Maria in person. Definitely getting a stronger sense of direction!


Absorbing how much energy people have and bring to it and it makes me really happy. It lassoes it all together!


Nice to see everyone in person. Lots of positive ideas buzzing around!


 “Lovely to have a face to face meeting. Excited to rolling out Act for Ealing to the local borough.”


“Fills my heart with joy about how many activities we have for the summer.”


 “Nice to meet everyone face to face. Excited we are talking to schools and faith groups!”


“Lovely to see everyone and share the energy in the room and see the progress we’ve made over the past 6 month. Great ideas for going forward”


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