Hotter temperatures expected

This week’s heatwave seems only the start of more to come if we don’t act now and reduce our carbon footprint in the UK and around the world. The ActforEaling team has found some tips for keeping cooler in the heatwave and some actions we can take to reduce the effects of Climate change.

Why are we seeing such high temperatures?

Climate scientists agree the answer is climate change. For an in-depth look at what’s predicted to happen and what needs to be done see UK heatwave: Why is it so hot? from the BBC.

Friends of the Earth, Mike Childs on the heat wave says “Scientists have long warned this day would come, only it’s reached us even earlier than expected. People will rightly be concerned, but with swift and ambitious action the worst of climate breakdown can still be averted.” More info on UK temperature reaches 40C for the first time on record.

Tips on keeping cool

Temperatures rising around the UK

What can we do to reduce climate change?

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