Inspiring a community with sustainable fashion

How did you make a difference last weekend? 👀

We don’t like to boast…….BUT….last weekend the Ealing Sewn Up community achieved BIG things:

  • over 50 volunteers and 14 organisations worked together to put on Ealing’s first ever sustainable fashion show & clothes swap 💃🏽🕺🏿
  • saved over 350kg of clothes from waste (the equivalent weight to a grand piano)* 🎹
  • saved over 3 tonnes of carbon emissions (the equivalent to driving a car for 8,176 miles, that’s nearly the distance between London and Darwin)* 💂🏾‍♂️🦘
  • saved over half a million litres of water (enough water for 626 people to drink for a year)* 💦

That’s just the stuff we can measure and calculate! The real magic came from the stories of the people inspired by #EalingSewnUp:

  • the mother and daughter who shared a fun afternoon together and now want to run a school clothes swap 💕
  • the models who discovered their talent and are signing up to modelling agencies representing what humanity really looks like ✨
  • the volunteers who want to organise swaps for their local communities 👗
  • the lady chatting to her friend who said she was going to shop second-hand much more 👖
  • the creators who met new contacts to boost their business networks 👋👋👋
  • the countless people who reconnected with their creativity and community and now feel they can make a difference! 💪

Watch this incredible short film from Narvir Singh to see what all this looked like – 👈

So… pressure but what ARE your plans for next weekend?

If you are 11-18 years old and are now inspired to make a difference, you have just over a week to enter the sustainable fashion mural competition (entries must be in by 23:59pm Sunday 23 October)! All the details are here.

If you have any sustainable fashion plans, please let us know as #EalingSewnUp wants to shout about it!

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* All calculations and sources can be found here.

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