Healthy Homes Ealing

Healthy Homes Ealing (HHE) is Ealing’s primary Affordable Warmth and fuel poverty programme, which offers Green Doctors consultations to low-income residents, as well as practical, independent advice to all Ealing residents looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or to reduce energy costs.

Ealing’s Healthy Homes Ealing team, delivered by Groundwork London, can also help with energy switching (not currently advised / promoted by our team due to energy market fluctuations), managing arrears, and are knowledgeable about the available grants and avenues for financial assistance to carry out energy efficiency works.

HHE works on a three staged approach:

  1. Free telephone advice line
    • All Ealing residents can call the helpline and ask for advice on how to save energy in their home.
    • To get in touch, contact 0800 083 2265 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).
  2. In-home energy consultations
    • Free home visits by energy experts are offered for the most vulnerable Ealing residents (those fuel poor and most vulnerable to the cold).
    • Offers bespoke advice and installation of small energy efficiency measures to keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer.
  3. Onward referral
    • The Healthy Homes Ealing team will check resident eligibility for a range of support services delivered by Ealing Council and other organisations, as well as a range of national and local energy efficiency schemes.
    • Residents will be either signposted to, or directly referred into, services that they are eligible for.

Residents can also refer themselves, and be referred, into the HHE programme via the online form found on Ealing Council’s website, found here: Energy efficiency advice | Ealing Council.

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