ActForEaling’s 10 Steps for a Greener Ealing – Step 3

How to #Act For Ealing
Quick and easy steps to contribute to a greener Ealing

  • Tackle food waste
    • Try some of these taste-packed recipes using up leftover ingredients.
    • Sign up to Olio to make the most of food going spare.
    • Volunteer for organisations making sure good food gets eaten! Ealing based City Harvest and The Felix Project are a great place to start.
    • Teach kids to cook healthy food for themselves (and the family!) at this local Ealing cookery school.
    • Be inspired by Bubble & Squeak which was started by London pupils learning about food waste. Schools can set up their very own version to make sure surplus food finds a good home. Click here to find our schools eco-resources for more ideas!

Choose a climate positive step to Act for Ealing and pledge your commitment by sticking one of our ActForEaling posters (click here) in your window to inspire your community to follow in your footsteps for a more sustainable Ealing.

Click here to check out our other steps that you can adopt to live a more sustainable life.

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