How to Hack Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically marketed as two days where there are “special savings and discounts” on products such as electronics, toys, and clothing. Black Friday is now considered as the start of the winter holiday sales season. A phenomenon that started in the U.S, Black Friday has become a global export. In the UK consumers aka you, have spent a whopping 9.42 billion pounds (Statistica 2021). A large proportion of this spending is due to consumer manipulation. The common lie reproduced about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that if you buy cheap now you will save later. Or lose out completely. For example, there may be an insane sale on a product, but the stock will be set so low that few people get the deal, while the brand and store gets the recognition.

British Black Friday home deliveries this year will churn out 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of 435 return flights from London to New York (or, apparently, the same weight as 61,308 elephants) (Forbes 2020). Coupled with this 80% of Black Friday sales are simply thrown away (Phys 2019), adding to our catastrophic waste problem.

The deals are enticing and the pressures to get that holiday gift can be overwhelming. Act for Ealing has go the tips to hack Black Friday.

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