Swift talk with Edward Mayer – Tuesday 7th December 2021, 19.00-20.00, Online

Join Ealing Wildlife Group and guest speakers to hear all about our incredible and unique summer visitors, the Swift, why they are in decline and how we can all help to save them.

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Who are Ealing Wildlife Group?

Ealing Wildlife Group is an inclusive community of locals interested in nature and wildlife in the Borough of Ealing and beyond. They share knowledge, sightings, and photos, seek advice, lobby local authorities and developers, organise educational events, arrange outings and celebrate the wonderful wildlife we share our surroundings with.

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Who is Edward Mayer?

Edward first became fascinated by Swifts at the age of six when he saw these amazing birds flying above his home in Southampton. He has been in love with them ever since.In 2003 he pioneered an approach to preserving the future of the Swift (The Common Swift: Apus apus) through advice, talks and the encouragement of widespread volunteer action. He studied the efforts of Swift experts in Germany, and began his work by creating “London’s Swifts” an internet- based advice service focusing on how to preserve existing nest sites and create new provision.

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How can you save Ealing’s Swifts?

The Saving Ealing’s Swifts project is to combat the decline of swift nesting sites.  Ealing Wildlife Group is planning to erect 150 nest boxes to boost existing colonies of swifts and attract new colonies. The nest boxes will be sited on public buildings across the borough, with signage to tell the public about these wonderful birds.  The project will boost biodiversity in our borough & engage local communities with the conservation of these birds.

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