Greening front Gardens

Everyone with a front garden has a great tool to counter the effects of climate change! Ealing Friends of the Earth has been getting advice from Ealing Front Gardens Project.

Like other London suburbs, the Borough of Ealing has a large number of front gardens (about 75,000), but many are paved or concreted over, usually for parking. However, when you consider the climate change benefits that a green front garden can provide, paving it over is the last thing you should do, says Christine Eborall from Ealing Front Gardens Project.

Paving a front garden causes many major problems, such as increasing flooding, air pollution and loss of bio diversity to name a few of the issues caused. In contrast, green front gardens create interest and stress-relieving space. Plants, especially when in flower, have been shown to lift the spirits, and provided much needed food to our pollinators the bees and others.

For more details see Friends of the Earth Ealing article.

No mow May is another campaign that helps increase biodiversity and helps pollinators. Lock away the garden mower for May and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators., see Plantlifes No Mow May for more details.

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