Climate Emergency UK – Ranks Local Council’s Climate Plan Scorecards

Climate Emergency UK have scored the 325 Climate Emergency plans established by the 409 local authorities across the UK. In the first year the assessment has been run, the London Borough of Ealing ranks 24th out of those 325 who have submitted plans, receiving a total score of 73%. The initial score attempts to measure the scale and ambition of the plan, while subsequent scores will be awarded for progress as councils puts the plans into action. The Climate Emergency UK scorecards assess the local council plans according to 28 questions grouped into 9 categories. The categories include:

  • Governance, development and funding
  • Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Commitment and Integration
  • Community engagement and communications
  • Measuring and setting emissions targets
  • Co-benefits
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion
  • Education, Skills and Training
  • Ecological emergency

More about the methodology is given on the scorecard website here, with the plans also being available on Climate Emergency UK’s page here.

This is a good result, though there is clearly no room for complacency. Ealing Council has stated that it will be carbon neutral by 2030, and has made tackling the climate crisis one of the three council priorities. However, individuals, companies and organisations across the borough will also need to play their part. As set out on the council’s website here:

“[Ealing Council’s] aim is to become carbon neutral, as a borough and an organisation by 2030. To achieve that hugely ambitious goal will mean change for the council, other public sector partners, residents and businesses. We must collectively rethink our approach to major generators of carbon – energy, food, transport, waste, and work to introduce new green infrastructure”.

“Addressing the climate crisis is not a challenge the council can face alone. It requires local residents, communities and businesses to commit to a new vision of our future and deliver co-benefits for our health and economy”.

ActForEaling is calling for all individuals, groups and businesses in Ealing to join ActForEaling to share ideas and activities to engage the entire Ealing community. When it comes to climate action and nature restoration, there is something for everyone, whether that is recycling better, learning to save energy (and money), changing the way we get about, reducing our food waste, or even bee keeping!

Please get in touch today to help Ealing reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030 and enable the restoration of nature in the borough.

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