Lime Wants You To Break Up With Cars

To celebrate #EarthMonth, Lime is challenging you to #BreakUpWithCars and adopt a car-free lifestyle.

Take the pledge and you’ll be automatically entered to win our giveaway. 👉 Lime breakup

Reducing use of cars for shorter trips is vital as we look to improve London’s air quality for residents and to become carbon neutral.

Electric scooters (e-scooters) are part of the solution around London and available for hire in Ealing from Lime. Escooters and ebikes reduce:

  • Air pollution
  • Road congestion
  • Carbon emissions
  • Speed enforcement

For more information on how to break up with the car (even if it’s only for some journeys) Better Ealing Streets have a website that can help.

Go to Better Ealing Streets for inspiration on Active Travel

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