Get Creative! Draw or photograph your vision for woods and trees – The Woodland Trust

The government is currently asking for the public’s views on the different targets it should adopt to increase tree cover and restore nature. You can help! You can find out more and respond to the consultation here via the Woodland Trust’s website.

The Goverment will receive thousands of responses to its consultation, so make your response stand out. Send your images of nature-rich woods and trees you’d like to see as a result of a better tree target to the Woodland Trust. These will be collated and presented to the team at the DEFRA, the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs. Any media is welcome including paintings drawings and photographs!

Send your images to:

Or via mail to: Tree Targets Campaign, Woodland Trust, Kempton Way, Grantham, NG31 6LL.

Please inlude your name and postcode with any submissions.

Don’t leave woods and trees to chance

The Government’s proposal to increase tree cover is welcome. But the type and location of woodland is as important as the volume. Now is the time to ensure the legally binding tree target prioritises native trees. It must lead to decisive action for years – and governments – to come.

Please show your support for a native tree cover target by responding to the Government consultation on the proposed targets before 27 June 2022.

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