Possible – Car Free July

Possible are running a Car Free July campaign. Are you taking part?

In the UK, one-third of our carbon emissions come from transport, and private cars are the biggest contributor. Not only do we need to drastically reduce our car use to reach climate targets, but our aim of fewer cars on the road will help people live healthier lives too.

The current way our cities are structured means that we accept the harm that comes with cars – the grime, pollution, and congestion. This affects us all. But older people, disabled people, children, and communities where people of colour, and poorer people live are hit the hardest.

Possible’s Car Free Cities campaign aims to help local communities reimagine their own neighbourhoods where car dependency is a thing of the past; and to co-design and deliver practical grassroots solutions that reduce motor traffic dominance.

From the outset, we’re clear a “car free city” is a city which is free of the dangers, pollution, and emissions caused by mass private car ownership. It’s not a city with no cars at all. We recognise there are many people, including some disabled people, who cannot get around without a car, and our campaign to reduce the number of cars in cities will make their lives easier too.

Possible will be working across four different cities in the UK, encouraging people to leave the car behind, and help make cities cleaner, greener, safer, and more accessible for all!

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