Nominations open for the Ashden Awards

For over 20 years, the Ashden Awards have been uncovering and spotlighting the world’s next climate champions. Through grant prizes of up to £25,000, as well as ongoing development support, these awards accelerate climate innovation – helping businesses, charities, governments and others power up their impact in the UK and low-income countries. 

Organisations that advance social justice while lowering emissions, with a particular focus on the power of climate action to improve jobs, skills and livelihoods are what they are looking for. Winners and finalists enjoy grants, publicity and priceless new connections, as well as endorsement from globally-recognised climate experts.

The annual Ashden Awards are free to enter, and benefits for winners include a cash grant, access to funders, and a promotional film about their work. All finalists receive publicity and opportunities as part of the Ashden network. 

This year, the Awards will help power up inclusive innovation creating a fairer low carbon world – tackling inequality and empowering communities on the frontline of the climate crisis through jobs, skills and training. Ashden winners come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t reward the biggest organisations or slickest marketing pitches – we’re looking for passion, potential and commitment to our values. We’ve put winners on stage at the COP climate talks and in global media.

Where could an Ashden Award take your organisation this year?

From grassroots to global action

Ashden supports proven climate innovation in the UK and developing countries – because on-the-ground solutions will drive the system changes our planet needs. For the UK nominations there are three catorgories:

  • Ashden Award for Energy Innovation
  • Ashden Award for Skills in Sustainability Land Management
  • Ashden Award for Community Nature Adaption

Why apply?

Winning an Ashden Award brings a prize of up to £25,000 as well as ongoing development support.

We put winners in front of funders, investors, policymakers, journalists and others who know the unique value of an Ashden Award and the strength of our rigorous assessment process.

We create promotional films about your winners’ work and tell their story in mainstream and specialist media, and through our growing digital channels. We’ve helped previous winners gain coverage at Sky News, The Telegraph, Times of India, Al Jazeera, New Scientist and other leading platforms.

Who can apply?

Businesses, NGOs, government organisations, social enterprises and community groups are all eligible. Work must be currently available to clients, customers or beneficiaries.  

What makes an Ashden winner?

The work submitted for an award should must be innovative. It might feature new technology, new approaches to marketing and distribution, or a new way of sharing training and skills. It might involve improved financing mechanisms or an innovative business model.  

Work should also have the potential to create significant impact. This impact might be a large drop in greenhouse gas emissions, raised incomes, better health, reduced inequality, or a combination of positive outcomes. Impact might be achieved by the growth of the organisation applying, or by the spread of their ideas to other organisations.  

How to apply?

There are two stages to the application process – both need to be completed by the closing date of Wednesday 8 March 2023.  

Initiatives should boost resilience and be as participatory and democratic as possible – designed and run with input from the people they support, particularly marginalised groups. Applicants should also show good governance and management.

Applications for first stage close Wednesday 8 March.

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