St Stephen’s Church: Showing the love – with green hearts

On Sunday 12th February members of St Stephen’s Church, Ealing, joined in the Show the Love campaign organised by The Climate Coalition. The church takes part in this each year on the Sunday nearest to St Valentine’s Day.    

The aim of the campaign is to encourage communities to #ShowTheLove for all the things they wish to protect from the negative effects of climate change. 

In celebration of the occasion, a small group had an enjoyable few days making rather attractive green heart brooches to distribute to members of the congregation as they were encouraged to help to protect people, places and the natural world.   

Food is always a draw so there were also some homemade, heart shaped biscuits to give away.  There were paper hearts for children to decorate and people were encouraged people to send a postcard to their MP asking them to take action on climate change, nature protection and the cost of living crisis. 

Valentine’s Day may have passed for this year but it is never too late to ‘Show the Love’. Why not visit The Climate Coalition website to find out more about this and their other campaigns?    

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