Buy Local with Stir it up

This March is a great time to try local Stir it up recipe bags as they have a month of BUY LOCAL recipe bags.

Stir it up is a local social enterprise provider, who specialise in vegetarian, quick, nutritious family food which helps remove the stress from mealtimes. Get the kids cooking the recipes too, as they have simple easy to follow recipes with all the ingredients in one bag.

Stir it up recipe bags packed with lots of fresh vegetables

In March, Stir it up is buying local and championing those businesses doing great things in our community. All month long, they will be sourcing from and including goodies from lots of local heros like:

Plus shouting about lots more through the month!

So why buy local?

  • Fewer food miles means more nutrients in fresh local produce.
  • For every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, around 63p remains in the local economy. This compares with around 40p with larger firms.
  • Production transparency- know where your food has come from and how it’s grown
  • Strengthen your community: it’s GOOD to have food diversity
  • Good for socialising too and building friend and supplier networks
  • Less transportation, cut air miles, improve carbon footprints and less pollution.
When you buy from a small business someone actually does a happy dance

Sign up

Signing up for the 4 week plan means pretty much all of your weekday meals are taken care of until the Easter holidays.

Stir it offers a recipe and ingredients that serves 4 to 5 people and works out at:

  • 3 RECIPE BAG is £36 per week (normal price £38)
  • 2 RECIPE BAG is £26 per week (normal price £28)

The NeighbourFOOD campaign starts on Tuesday, March 7th and the bags will be delivered on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th March 2023.

  • All meals are vegetarian and often vegan. Ask if you’d like vegan/gf alternatives
  • Recipe bags delivered to your door on a Tuesday morning
  • Veg is organic and sourced from Langridge Organic Wholesalers in Feltham (who in turn source from smaller, family-run farms.)

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