Buy Local with Stir it up

This March is a great time to try local Stir it up recipe bags as they have a month of BUY LOCAL recipe bags. Stir it up is a local social enterprise provider, who specialise in vegetarian, quick, nutritious family food which helps remove the stress from mealtimes. Get the kids cooking the recipes too,... Continue Reading →

World Ocean Day- Learn what you can do today

World Ocean Day is to highlight the impact that human action and corporations have on the ocean. The aim is to encourage and develop a worldwide movement steered by citizens that care for the ocean, biodiversity and human welfare. For World Ocean Day Groups around the world are coming together and uniting people and governments... Continue Reading →

5 Easy Ways to Use Christmas Leftovers!

How are you using your leftovers ? The Big Issue estimate that the UK throws away 270,000 tonnes of food each year. A disproportionate amount of this is at Christmas time.  In the UK we waste 5 million Christmas puddings, 2 million turkeys, and 74 million mince pies each year. Not to mention huge amounts of vegetables,... Continue Reading →

What’s in season? December

In a world where our supermarkets are stocked (or these days not) with exciting fruit and veg around the world, it is easy to forget where it came from and how it got to your plate. Our modern lifestyles have made us loose touch with locally grown food. Thrifty! Locally sourced produce takes away travelling expenses... Continue Reading →

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