Chiswick Repair Café: Upcoming meetup – 18th March 2023

Come along and join the Chiswick Repair Café at their upcoming repair café this March.

The Chiswick Repair Café is a voluntary initiative to help reduce waste, share repair skills, and strengthen the local community. The repair café is held monthly, and the next session will be taking place on 18th March.

You are invited to bring your broken or worn items to the Repair Café and the volunteer repair experts will be on hand to help you to mend your things, teach repair skills, or give advice on what can be done. 

Items that you can bring along include:

  • Small electrical/electronic repairs
  • Carpentry repairs (i.e. gluing repairs)
  • Toy repairs
  • Computers & laptops (not mobile phones)
  • Knife & tool sharpening
  • Sewing repairs: mending/darning

Advice and help from the team of volunteers at the Repair Café is free of charge. However, voluntary donations are much appreciated to cover costs, including the purchase of tools and equipment and the development of the service.

Event details

  • Date: Saturday 18th March 2023
  • Time: 10:30am-1pm
  • Location: Christ Church, Turnham Green, Town Hall Avenue, W4 5DT

Any further enquiries, please contact Chiswick Repair Café directly via email or visit their website.

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