Easter Recycling and Activities

This Easter here’s some help with recycling and some family Easter fun activities to enjoy the holidays. 🐰🥚

Easter family fun

Hubbub has some lovely Easter activities for all the family such as get planting, or natural food dyes for real eggs Hubbub Easter Activities

For dyeing eggs see this guide from Mommy Potamus Dye Easter Eggs


Easter Recycling 

Your chocolate eggs will mainly have been wrapped that the pretty foil your Easter eggs come wrapped in should be recycled 🥚

If you scrunch the foil wrapper and it springs back open, this means it’s laminated and should go in your general rubbish bin 🗑️

Scrunch test for foil recycling

If it scrunches up, put the foil scrunched up together into a ball along with any other bits of used foil (including from smaller eggs) and pop it into your the blue Ealing recycling bin for collection. The larger the ball of foil the easier it is to recycle.

Take a look at Recycle Now Easter Recycling to discover what else you can recycle this Easter.

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