Take action for Earth Day

Invest in Our Planet

Change starts with action. Better yet, an action that affects the world around you.

This Earth Day on Saturday, 22 April do one, two or all of these 52 actions and tips to make a difference.

52 actions and tips to make a difference for Earth Day

For this year’s Earth Day, a Billion Acts of Green are happening across the planet. From students in classrooms to organizers in their communities to officials in government there are ways for anyone of any background to make a difference.

Earth Day 2023 is focused on engaging the more than 1 billion people, governments, institutions, and businesses who participate in Earth Day to recognize our collective responsibility and to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. We are focused on reframing the conversation, accelerating action, and bringing everyone together to understand that this is within our reach if we work together.

Take action

Start small and go big, or start big and stay big. Either way, keep coming back, keep taking action and join the movement to change the world.

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