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We have been urged to observe ‘no mow May’ but I was a step ahead, I started with no weeding April.  I would like to claim that this initiative of mine was inspired solely by enthusiasm for nurturing nature.   The truth is there was a high level of self-interest involved. Basically I am a very lazy gardener.

My sloth has been rewarded. Visitors keep telling me how lovely my garden is looking.  It is alight with patches of soft colour. What will soon be my vegetable patch is full of blue forget-me-knots.  What passes for my mini orchard is choc a block with blue bells and three-cornered garlic.  Here and there are highlights of yellow dandelions and primroses and pink herb Robert punctuates the display.   Deep blue alkanet strikes a more aggressive note with its long, hairy stems and its habit of causing a nasty irritation on the skin of the unwary.  The overall effect in my small suburban garden lets me imagine I am deep in the countryside

Recently a friend and I sat in the garden to discuss, appropriately, plans for our church’s environmental programme.  We were amazed by the signs of wildlife enjoying the spring day in this tiny Ealing meadow.  Birds were fluttering about calling cheerfully to each other and exploring trees, shrubs and undergrowth. Several types of butterfly darted here and there we saw many other insects visiting assorted flowers.

‘No mow May’ causes a degree of friction in my family but I enjoyed a ‘field’ day even before the battle for the lawn began.

If you participated in No Mow May, you might also be interested in the Ealing Front Garden project.

Enid – The Act For Ealing Team

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