Autumn Watch  – Litten Nature Reserve 

A group of Ealing residents have come together to form the Litten Nature Reserve and (the group is not restricted to living in the borough) who are interested in the environment and the local area.  The group started in the 1980’s when the area now known as the Litten reserve was designated for building development and was in danger of being lost forever.  To ensure it was left as an area of woodland, working with the council rangers, the group campaigned so it was saved  so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. 

The Litten Nature Reserve is a hectare in size and is a little gem hidden away in Greenford, West London.  It has three ponds, two natural which tend to fill in the winter & dry out in the summer. The other small pond is near the Education Building and is used for pond dipping.

On Saturday 28th October 2.00 pm, Litten Nature Reserve are holding an event. To learn more about the event please watch and how you can get involved.

To contact the Friends of the Litten reserve email

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