Spooky clothes swaps and inspiration for Halloween

Wondering what to wear for Halloween? 🎃

Thinking twice about the cost of this year’s costume that’s likely to be worn once and yet more wasted plastic as most Halloween costumes are made of polyester, so those outfits will outlive even the longest living ghoul?👻

Organising your own costume swap

  • Organise swaps at school or along your street with neighbours and friends. 🏘
  • Invite friends round a costume swap before heading out to trick or treat…so much fun if you add a bit of face paint. 🍭

A swap is great fun and beats a quick click and parcel delivery of a costume.

Make this Halloween all about community, creativity and sustainability – all with a spooky edge! 🧙🏾‍♀️

We have lots of Halloween inspiration here at ActoforEaling:

So let’s reduce our waste at Halloween by using our power as consumers. By prioritizing sustainable consumption, we can reduce the environmental footprint of Halloween festivities.

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  1. I lead sewing workshops at Open Southall, if you would like a workshop to help kids/parents make costumes for Halloween I would be happy to lead it.

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