6 Delicious Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkin

Looking for ways to cut down on food waste this spooky season? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our top six ways you can use up your leftover pumpkin this Halloween…

So, you’ve carved out your pumpkin, now what to do with all the leftovers? The easy answer might be to throw it all away. But what if you could do more with your leftover food scraps?

According to environmental charity Hubbub, a staggering 22.2 million pumpkins are left uneaten and are expected go to waste on Halloween. That’s approximately £32.6 million worth of edible food.

As shocking as this may seem, there’s plenty of ways you can put this nutritious veg to good use even after you’ve had some spooky fun – one of which is by eating it! Toasted, fried, pureed…the possibilities are endless. We can all do our part to cut down on food waste and what better way to save your pumpkin from the bins than by getting creative in the kitchen to use up your leftovers.

If you’re looking for some delicious recipes for inspiration, check out some of our top leftover pumpkin recipe picks below:

And remember, any pumpkin you don’t use can always be recycled in your local food waste bin. Find out more about Ealing’s food waste recycling services here.

We’d love to see what you manage to cook up with your pumpkin leftovers!

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