November Hanwell Clothes Swap

Book your FREE place on Hanwell Clothes Swap at St Mellitus Church Hanwell on Thursday 9th November from 8-10 pm.

Come along and refresh your wardrobe at this great event. Bring up to 5 items, clean, good condition, mens or womens but no childrens clothes please.

Also hear from a guest speaker from “Impactt” – an ethical trading consultancy who work across the world. Ealing Repair Cafe will also be there with our examples of mending, instructions and equipment to get your started mending clothes.

Find out more and book here Hanwell Clothes Swap

Why swap?

Many people like to have new clothes. Fashion changes so fast these days with styles and clothes at all price ranges and in so many high street and online outlets.

This has turned into a big problem as clothing items are more disposable and cheap, with an increasing amount of perfectly wearable items ending up in the bin. Every year an estimated £140 million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK, according to WRAP.

Around 30% of clothing in the average UK wardrobe has not been worn for at least a year. It’s estimated we only wear 13% of our wardrobe regularly.

The annual footprint of a household’s newly bought clothing, along with the washing and cleaning of its clothes, is estimated by Wrap to be equivalent to the:

  • Carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for 6,000 miles.
  • Water needed to fill over 1,000 bathtubs. A whopping 2,700 litres of water is needed to produce just one t-shirt.
  • 0.5 million tonnes of microfibers are released in the ocean every year from washing synthetic fabrics. That is 35% of primary microplastics released into the environment.

Run your own swap

If you are tempted in doing your own here’s a great Guide to clothes swap from Hubbub.

West London Waste can supply equipment for swaps in Ealing and West London, like rails, hangers, tokens and help promote your event. Please contact us for more details at

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