Earthical Refill shop offers great prices

Sadly since this was posted Earthical has closed its doors. The hope is that it might reappear at The Potting Shed cafe in Boston Manor so watch this space.

Earthical is a great eco-refill shop in Ealing at 194 Northfields Ave, W13 9SJ, just down from Northfields station.

Earthical aims to make shopping for us as affordable and eco as possible. They may not have the buying power of the big supermarkets and can’t match all supermarket prices on all their products, but they are watching prices to make it the best value for us.

Prices comparisons from Earthical

There are more great reasons to shop with Earthical including:
✅ Shop packaging-free: bring along your own containers or buy their own reusable containers.
✅ No minimum weights – you can buy as much or as little as you want
✅ Reduce food waste by only buying what you need
✅ Kind to the planet: use First Mile to recycle our bulk packaging and have a zero-to-landfill policy.
✅ Support a local small business – every customer really makes our day.

Earthical stocks a range of products including (and products expanding everyday):

🌾 dried foods like pasta, rice, beans, grains and pulses


🫙 flours and sugars, herbs and spices, teas and coffees

🍫 savoury snacks including unpackaged crisps, sweets and chocolates

🧼 hair and body products like shampoos and conditioners, soaps and lotions

🧺 cleaning and laundry liquids

🥤 reusable homewares

🥦 Selection of fresh seasonal produce

🚽 Toilet roll

Earthical encourage you to bring your own containers as much as possible – if it’s clean and empty, we can fill it! There will also be a range of refillable containers and recycled paper bags which you can buy in store.

How does it work?

  • Bring along empty containers or select from the choice of containers at Earthical. Or if you prefer they do have paper bags for dry products.
  • Weigh your containers empty and write the weight on the box.
  • Put the items in your containers.
  • At checkout they will weight your items (taking off the weight of the container) and pay
  • Do a happy dance as you leave the shop for all the good things you have done for the planet and a local business.
When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.

Find out more

Instagram @shop.earthical

Facebook Earthical

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