Unite for Warm homes this winter

Join the fight for warm homes with Ealing Friends of the Earth latest campaign on United for Warm Homes.

At the Reduce and Recycle Hub at Acton Market, volunteers made this eye-catching quilt to draw attention to the lack of action on this issue and gave out leaflets to shoppers. The group has written to local MPs.

United for Warm Homes is a growing movement of community groups and activists from all walks of life campaigning for a common goal: warm homes for all.

Millions of us will struggle to pay our bills this winter because of soaring gas prices. And years of government inaction has left our homes damp, cold and expensive to heat.

Thankfully, there are long-lasting solutions to cut our bills, keep our homes warm and reduce carbon emissions.

Find out how the United for Warm Homes campaign is going to help solve the energy crisis.

Worried about your energy bills?
If you’re concerned about paying your energy bills or want to make changes to your home to bring bills down, use this list of useful contacts to help you find the right answers.

Follow the Energy Saving trust for tips and advice for quick and easy ways to save energy, lower your bills.

The Ealing branch of FoE participated in #UnitedForWarmHomes, a nationwide campaign, calling for lower energy bills and warm homes for all.

Saturday 18 November is the culmination of the FoE Warm Homes campaign and is the nationwide Day of Action,


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